what we’ve been up to.


hmmm…it’s been a whirlwind the last few weeks. so much so, that when i gave the husband the run-down for this next weekend, he asked “are we ever going to have a day where we just do nothing?”. um….no?

five parties later and a bit of a cold caught up with me, but i am on it. i have a pretty foolproof regimen going that cuts colds down to a couple of days. echinacea, elderberry, and congaplex. look ’em up. i have no research, just my own testimony, and the belief that there could be a bit of a placebo effect going on, too, but whatever works right?

j is growing. s is growing. that’s what kids do, and i feel like i’m constantly buying clothes to catch up. not that i don’t like shopping or anything. s smiles like crazy now and coos a whole lot, too. i love it.

here’s to a week of slowing down…

p.s. that’s bruno cuddling with s and the mister. we have the world’s sweetest dogs!


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