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jenna’s house.

i’m moving in…

love jenna’s style. every time an email pops in from j. crew with “jenna’s picks” i gotta look. she’s dangerous, that jenna. and her house? to. die. for., no?

via living etc.


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party on the brain.


i have a habit of saving A LOT of my pottery barn catalogs. finally had some time to peruse through the latest and noticed that they have a party planning site online. fabulous.

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{bits from} our weekend.

still kind of in a funk. and the rain doesn’t help i have to admit. how about some pictures to start moving in the right direction?????

{new shoes for s from h & m}

{signs of spring in the front yard}

{better than tv…we watch s sleep on her video monitor}

{green cauliflower from our csa box}

{fresh grapefruit juice}

{preparations have begun for j’s 4th birthday party}

j had a HUGE weekend. the little guy and daddy went to disneyland after school on friday. saturday he had a basketball game and then went to watch a lacrosse game, and on sunday he went to an angels game. me? i pretty much watched the sex and the city marathon both days while making plans for the big birthday bash coming up.

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if you don’t have something nice to say.

i have been in a funk lately, and frankly, have no positive words for you so…blog silence.

have let the negativity of others get me down. need to work on my reaction since there are no signs they will be changing their habits of complaining.

and the news? forget about it. i can’t stay away because i want to know, but what’s happening around the world makes my stomach hurt. everything here is good, my heart just hurts for everyone else.

can i share some pretty pictures with you?

they lift my spirits a little.



{fun wedding details}


{my boy enjoying a wedding lemonade}

{someone’s taken over the boppy}

i hope to get my blog muscles back this week. : )

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four months.


so cliche`, but where does the time go? today s is four months old. she is a happy, smiley girl.

still no news as to her adoption date. we’re just pluggin’ along with social worker visits and the occasional call to get more information for “reports”. when we were in the process of adopting j we always received these “reports”, but we are kind of in the dark for much of the court proceedings with s. ugh. hate not knowing.

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thought i was keds girl before, but after purchasing them changed my mind after buying a pair of bensimons. i’m totally a bensimon girl.

they are on sale until march 6 at swirl by daily candy. twenty nine bucks, yo. all the cool french chicks wear ’em. you should too.

not a member of swirl? join here.

p.s. free shipping when you spend $30 or more with the code “yayswirl”!

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cookers don’t kiss.

my favorite game as a girl was playing restaurant…or vet’s office.

weird, no?

j was taking our orders the other day. (i heart his little scribbles.)

what do you want to order, mommy?

i’ll take an extra large hug and two small kisses, pleeeeaaaase.

no,no, he says. cookers don’t kiss.


play guest ticket for kids here (for when you play with YOUR kiddos).

*pics via flickr, honey & jam, and cannelle et vanille.

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