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spring break.

it goes too fast…

what we did:

played with new toys.

caught up with a million magazines.

hung out in the backyard.

visited sea world.

the week was quite the teaser for the summer to come. we are ready!


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five months and an adoption update.



look at those pudgy legs! although it’s not official, i think it’s safe to say this girl ain’t underweight anymore. she is a healthy eater. we started her on solids about a week ago and she’s tried brown rice cereal, potatoes, and peas, and has loved it all. a girl after my own heart. she’s a great sleeper, too, and is working on rolling over. she is still all smiles. we love her so, so much.

i haven’t really updated the adoption process, because there really hasn’t been much to update. we officially became the prospective adoptive parents several weeks ago and have our old adoption worker back (whom we love). prior to that, a dependency investigator was still trying to locate s’ birth parents to legally notify them of the process and to determine if everything in her placement was on the up and up. as far as i know, that was a dead end (finding the parents). a posting goes in the paper officially after that (weird, huh?). a date for the .26 hearing (termination of parental rights, explained here) is set for early summer, and if all goes well we will have an official adoption date by year’s end!

truthfully, i lie awake at night wondering how i will frame my children’s stories to them. what is the appropriate age, what are the appropriate words, etc., etc. i am a worrier by nature, but i do want to be as prepared as possible when the time comes.

i get an occasional email regarding the fost-adopt process, so if you can’t find any answers here, please email me. i’m truly passionate about fost-adopt and love to hear when people have chosen this route.



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the pressure…

all brought upon myself of course…

j’s birthday party is this weekend and i am a detail freak. if i had only known about the acme party box company. seriously, the cutest themes and party favors/accessories/decorations all in one neat little spot. next time i guess.


until sunday you can purchase a $30 certificate for acme party box company at zulily for $15. not a member? join here.

the reality is, of course, that between the jumper and a bazillion kids running around it will be j’s best birthday yet!


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