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{bits from} our weekend.



good food


picnic in the park

my heart is full

oh yeah,

and 13 school days left!


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bits…small, small bits from the weekend

we have no internet until next week. do you know how hard it is to blog from a phone? and I am far far behind on all my favorite blogs. : (

here’s a few pics from the weekend…






our weekend was mellow…afternoon naps, experimenting with new recipes, making baby food (and trying out fun new flavors for the baby), and about a gazillion baths for j, who is practicing duck diving and snorkeling for our summer trip to the north shore. this kid is determined!

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my iphone OWNS me, people. i have become one of those annoying people who always look down at their phone, but seriously, it has my life on it. obviously it’s the main source of communication via text and phone, but there’s the calendar, the camera, the youtube app, weather, ipod, kindle app, amazon (main shopping source), maps, facebook, twitter, instagram, parenting advice, fart app (j’s favorite source of giggles…and something i had to seriously get over..i’ll write another post sometime about farting and boys), blogging, calorie counter, and trainer. yup, and probably a few other things that i’ve forgotten. it’s CRAZY, and sometimes i worry about how the phone tracks my location, how much private info i’m putting out THERE (wherever THERE is), but i can’t stop. gosh, sounds like the signs of addiction, no? aaaaahhhhh!

but, what turned out to be a post about some cute iphone covers has turned into a serious self-evaluation. yikes. maybe it’s time for a week of being unplugged.

anyway, on to the covers!


are they not adorable? they are from rouge and co. on etsy, where you can find a ton of other cute monogrammed thingies. i love monograms, but alas, right now i can’t justify this expenditure with a big summer trip on the horizon. this shop, however, is definitely on my etsy heart list.


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Mother’s Day.

Extremely calm, but the best so far! I love my littles…

J made me a butterfly magnet and planted flower seeds in a small cup. The baby “made” me a card with her painted handprint.
Life is less crazy this week but I think I’m gettin’ my blog muscles back!

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oh tina.


gosh i love her.

loved this interview.

LOVED this prayer for daughters.

made me order the book stat.

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to do.

1. finish grading research papers (6 left to go!)

2. start and finish essays (32 left to go!)

3. download pictures of j’s party THREE WEEKS AGO

4. get a pedicure

5. get a haircut/color

6. write a proper blog post?

i am busy, but miss blogging. there’s just SO much to do ALL the time. talk to you soon, friends! i hope you’re still out there…

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