six and seven.


i felt super guilty for not keeping up with the baby’s monthly posts, but had to get over it. after all, i wasn’t blogging because i was WITH MY KIDS, and it was so worth it. we fall in love with her more and more every. single. day. she is so gosh darn lovable and EASYGOING. seriously she just rolls with whatever we do. she’s been to two weddings and a funeral (seriously), more parties than i can count, shopping, restaurants, amusement parks, etc., etc.

at two months old, little lady was a bit underweight (15 percentile), but at her seven month doctor visit she was up to the 65th percentile. she’s pretty much taken to most foods we’ve given her, but she definitely likes her food seasoned a bit (cinnamon and nutmeg, especially).  we love making her baby food.

she’s starting to sit up on her own and her favorite part of sitting is grabbing her toes. right after changing her on the changing table she likes to sit up, grab her toes, and look in the mirror right there to smile at herself. and boy does she smile a lot. she is a happy, happy baby, and we are happy, happy parents.

on baby: hot pink ruffled dress and black cardigan, the gap.



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