this blog.

  • Looks like a tourist. Usually carries multiple cameras. Takes same photo multiple times with different cameras.
  • Takes forever to eat. Photographs food and drink constantly, sometimes after every bite.
  • Sometimes kinda shameless and photographs self willingly.
    Blogger == life tourist.

love this from pugly pixel!

what this blog isn’t:

1. a blog that will have giveaways. : ( i’m sorry, but i just don’t have the time or wherewithal to pursue businesses to offer giveaways on my blog, however, if you so happen to have something to give away, contact me. never say never…)

2. a blog that will have a million comments. all bloggers love comments, but in order to get them, you gotta give ’em, right? i haven’t made the time to properly leave comments on other blogs. i’m sorry. : ( perhaps i will work on that. everyone needs a word of encouragement now and then, yes?

3. one that will ask for ads or sponsorships. if i had the time i might pursue this, although i don’t think wordpress supports this? idk, but i srsly admire the women out there who market their blogs so that they can actually make some moolah.

4. one that has regular posts. duh. if you’re still with me, you’ve probably figured that out, huh? if you like me, though (you like me! you really like me!), please consider subscribing to my blog. see there? over to the right? then, whenever i post, a handy dandy email will come over to you. i am humbled that you take any time at all to read what i have to say, all the significant and (often) insignificant details i have to share.

5. a diy blog. i do stuff, but it’s not all that spectacular. i’m more of a copier than anything, and am very fickle with crafting and such. i’m into it for awhile, and then it fizzles out. don’t look here for cool scrapbooking ideas or sewing projects. nope, not gonna happen.

6. a blog about worldwide travels. sure, we travel, but we are creatures of habit. we are not jetting off to iceland or europe or madagascar with our kids.

7. a fashion blog, or even a pretty picture blog. because i don’t have the money to buy friggin’ $500 boots and don’t have the skillzzz to take amazing pictures, but….i’m learning. the picture taking i mean. i don’t think my teacher’s salary will ever support $500 boots. (in all honesty, however, i do have a louis vuitton purse, which nicely sits in my closet since i’m afraid to take it out).

8. a tell it like it really is blog. i know that most bloggers talk about how beautiful life is. i think it’s because we know it isn’t and we want to focus on the beauty. this blog will never be a bitch session for all that is unhappy in my life. i know that i bitch a little, but if you knew me irl you’d know that there are things that happen in my family and workplace that would make some fabulous stories. that is private, however, and will remain so. sorry. however, if we ever meet irl, for a blate or something (google that, it’s a nerdy blogger term), then we can TALK. boy, do i have stories to tell.

what this blog is:

1. a snapshot into my life and loves.

2. a record of the fost to adoption process that i have gone through/am going through with my husband and children.

3. a record of the food i eat. i looooove food and everything about it. i love to study it, take pictures of it, and, um, eat it. btw i am semi-vegetarian (i eat fish occasionally), but my man and boy eat meat. i can attest to the ease in which a household of varied eaters can exist.

4. a record of the pretty things i see online and in magazines. i have always, always been a highly visual person. as a child i was already addicted to magazines, poring over them for hours. the web has made my brain sometimes explode. there are so many pretty images that people share.

every good writer sums up her thoughts at the end, no? what’s the takeaway? if you’re still reading, you must be super nice, because a) i am not the best writer, b) i’m not that funny, c) i’m not that creative and d) i’m not that adventurous. if you look at my blog, (or my clothes, or my house, for that matter), it’s not nordstrom’s or neiman marcus. it’s more target, you know? ; ) so if you like target, welcome!


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  1. jade

    I don’t comment often, but you always say everything there is to say – and I like reading it, don’t see the point of leaving a comment, which would not add to the quality of your blog – please do continue though (but I will not subscribe, prefer it to be a surprise when there’s a new post!) – chances of meeting irl are very slim though: I live in Belgium, not exactly around your corner is it? regards, jade

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