sweet slumber.

i am not a nice person when i’ve had little sleep. the other day my dental hygienist said my eyes looked puffy. i wanted to punch her in the face and tell her to focus on my mouth, bioooootch, and not on my eyes.

see? not a nice person.

since summer started i have not a good night’s rest. this probably makes most of you not lucky enough to have a summer vacation grin. ha! she has a baby, and of course the baby doesn’t let her sleep through the night! what was she thinking? she would still sleep in until 8 or 9? lounge around, then nap at 2? can’t blame it on the baby, though. nope, not her fault. and it’s not even j’s fault either. he (mostly) wakes up a pretty reasonable time, and will nap, too. of course, that’s after a raging tantrum, but yeah, he eventually goes down for a good rest in the afternoon.

sleep eludes me lately because of…

a step son accidentally calling at 5 a.m. from las vegas. yeah, enough said.

my crappy car alarm going off anywhere from 3 to 7 a.m. for no apparent reason (at this point, if someone is trying to steal it, JUST FREAKING TAKE IT)

the school district calling at 5 because my husband put himself on the sub list, WITHOUT INFORMING ME, I MIGHT ADD. WHAT?

some druggie walking down our street towards the neighbor’s house with a stick in hand. cops arriving at all hours of the day and night because SQUATTERS are living in the vacant house, thereby giving me major anxiety, causing me to check the doors and windows even more than i already do because i have major ocd. awesome.

i’m thinking of going out and gettin’ some melatonin today.

i loved this article by karen brody on the huff. i love sleep as much as she! in the article she mentions nidra meditation:

It has been found through research that one hour of Nidra Meditation provides an equal amount of relaxation as four hours of conventional sleep.

yeah! sign me up baby!

as far as the baby goes, she’s a dream sleeper. srsly, she starting sleeping through the night very early on. i followed the advice given in healthy sleep habits, happy child, and it’s worked very well for us. i am big on sleep for my kids. just read all the research (another good read that touches up on this is nurture shock, oh my gah, what an awesome book). healthy sleep habits, happy child isn’t the most well written book, but it offers practical advice regarding sleep. highly, highly recommend for new moms and dads. personally, however, i need to re-read it for advice for my 4 year old.



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2 responses to “sweet slumber.

  1. Emily

    I love sleep, too, and I’m anticipating the coming weeks and months with fright, since we’re expecting our 3rd baby in the next couple of weeks. When I had baby #2, kid #1 decided to stop sleeping well… I’m afraid I’ll soon have 3 kids up throughout the course of the night. One thing that has helped me (at least mentally) is having a good bedtime routine for the kids, even with a baby. Tooth (or gum) brushing, bedtime story, prayers… that all gives me structure and sanity. And I’m hoping to do better with caring for my new baby’s mouth since we’ve had some tooth difficulties with the older two. A whole other story, but this Mom’s Guide has been very helpful if you ever want to check it out. But I’m off the subject. Probably just sleep deprived. Oh, and we get the occasional 5 am sub calls, too! Crazy!

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