before leaving on any trip (could be 2 days, could be 10 or more), i am filled with anxiety. i worry like crazy about my house and my animals. will the person i entrusted with their care make sure to fill up BOTH bowls with water? will they be let in at night? will they be loved on? will they make sure to keep all the windows and doors locked? will they make sure that the money is left out for our cleaning lady? see? crazy, right?

and the packing? the lists begin months in advance. i worry that i will forget something, as if we are going off to somewhere that will be miles away from a store (we never do).

i haven’t let go of the packing lists, but i am trying to let go of the worry. just going to give it over to God. and relax and be still.

that’s better. nothing like a good blog post to talk you off of the ledge, huh?


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