for the first time i am linking up with life rearranged for the fun instafriday link up, where bloggers share daily life through cell phone pictures. fun, ya?

my new favorite treat from trader joe’s-the mini cone. it’s the perfect snack when i have a sweet tooth (70 calories!)

lunch at my little guy’s favorite spot, ikea. i’ve never known someone to love swedish meatballs so much.

me, wearing my new favorite earrings from mama auj on etsy.

tummy time still involves a lot of tears. we’re taking it in 5 minute increments now-more manageable for sure. i love this baby bum!

little lady has taken to playing with j’s babydoll, clark. he named the baby, and we have no idea where he got that name. i think she’s enamored with clark because he reminds her of j. so cute.

we had full access to the neighbor’s pool while they were on vacation, and the cousins came over for a couple pool days!

we get a lot of use out of our halloween costumes. and the front swing.

have a great weekend everyone!


life rearranged



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4 responses to “instafriday.

  1. Hi! Glad you linked up…I love those mini cones too! So cute and delish! My kids never loved tummy time either…so…I didn’t do it much. Shhh…don’t tell the pediatrician. 🙂

  2. Came over from Life Rearranged and Insta-Friday. Loved your first submission! That baby girl is so cute loving “Clark”! I have baby fever hard lately and just want a baby girl to love and see being so girly! hehe

  3. haha, love the costume on the swing! your kids are adorable!

  4. oh the baby rolls! i looooove them! none of my kids ever really had them…sad face. thanks for linking up!

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