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happy halloween!

j designed the pumpkin, daddy did the work.

we are so excited to have family over tonight for tricks and treats. have a happy halloween!


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random shots of life (from instagram).


01. coach, our new dog. we’re kind of in to adoption and this guy needed a home.

02. crazy hair day.

03. kisses.

04. little guy’s face when he got his meatballs.

05. husband’s homemade pizza. delish. i will have to share the recipe sometime.

06. little lady’s first tutu.

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our daughter.


this is us waiting for the judge.

the wait is over.

sofia (that’s her name!) is now our baby girl. officially, that is.

we are relieved and so, so happy, and ready to celebrate this girl’s 1st birthday next month (eek!).

this is her when she was just several months old.

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having a bad day

but nothing that can’t be cured by watching It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown with my littles.
Here’s to a new chance to try it all over again…

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friday night lights.


we haven’t made it out to many of the football games this year, seeing as little lady’s bedtime coincides with kickoff, but, this is a pic of the boys at a game two weeks ago, a game in which we won! yay! i am definitely counting down the weeks (five!), though, for the season to be over. we miss our daddy.

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a blogging checklist.

my blog is my record of our family memories, but, i’ve been struggling to find the time to write it down. even the mundane is beautiful and record-worthy, no?

i found this fall photo checklist and thought it might help to springboard some posts.

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nine and ten.


i hope that my dear baby forgives me for not posting stats for months nine and then, but, i was too busy playing with her. : )

she is growing so, so fast…twenty pounds at nine months! she’s happy as can be (still), smiling, laughing, though not yet crawling. we are working with a physical therapist weekly to help her roll over and crawl, but i have no doubts she’ll get there soon.  she is still a great sleeper…just put her in her crib with her puppy lovey and she’s out. love. can’t wait for that final adoption date!

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