every time i think about catching the blog up, i draw a blank. two months and every time i think about it i struggle to remember. BUT…the blog is my memory keeper, so if i don’t just DO it, it’ll never get done. i’ll add to the blog as i remember things, k? that picture? that pretty much sums up life right now. the hubs is coaching football so we are down a man most of the time in this house. i have had to let up on the ocd a bit (thus the home-from-school items strewn about the floor).

on the adoption front, we signed adoption papers and are just waiting for the county court system to assign a date. yup…might be a long, long time, but hopefully before year’s end.

the little guy is officially pre-k now and asks to do his “homework”, writing and cutting mostly. sure hope he keeps this enthusiasm for homework for several more years?


well, it’s october, which is a pretty fabulous month. there’s halloween, of course, and my birthday, too. so…if you’re ready for the messy, stay tuned.


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  1. jade

    Welcome back to your own blog-memory, nice to see I might actually be a normal person, though our house is probably much more messy…

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