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our weekend.

we stayed in a lot this weekend. it was rainy and blustery and perfect for snuggling and taking naps and watching movies and ordering in. this week we’re puttin’ up the christmas decorations! i love this time of year. i am all done with christmas shopping but am still heading out for black friday (it’s a tradition). i am getting into the habit of taking pictures more, but have to relearn everything regarding photography again. as far as my writing muscles, they are gone, so posts will be short and sweet. i have been reading many, many student essays and i feel they have rendered me inarticulate.

{talking on her cell phone}

 {who needs toys? j played with paper plates all day}

{rice krispie treats}

{thanksgiving flowers}

 {our family rules}

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que la fete commence.

i have no idea if my high school french is correct. sofie’s first birthday was french themed, with lots of crepes, croissants, and other brunch fare. she was surrounded by family and friends who love her and we are so, so grateful that this little girl is happy and healthy.

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a day in court.


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