mister five.

five. unbelievable. what i love about the blog is that i can easily look back at what was documented. life gets so busy that we don’t notice so many little things…the way the baby first laid her head on our shoulders, the funny things that j says on a daily basis. last year’s birthday celebration was a big affair, and i remember putting away some of j’s gifts in my closet because it was too much, too much stuff, too much craziness, all around excess. this year i had to simplify, so we made reservations for the character breakfast at disneyland, went on a few rides, and came home to a simple celebration at j’s restaurant of choice. love this boy so much.

favorites at five (all in his words):

show/movie: “peppa pig”, “backyardigans”, “miss spider”

song: “peppa pig” song, justin bieber’s “boyfriend”

pasttime: fly spaceships

friends: everyone

school “subject”: riding on the two-wheeler, learning about the solar system

chores: water the garden

food/drink: macaroni and cheese, lemonade

animal: a ferret

true story: j taught himself how to ride a bike. he does stuff like that.

j told us, “every kid needs a baseball glove.” : ) on his birthday j and daddy were throwing the ball back and forth and j took one in the eye. : (


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