about me

zest is a series of little stories of my life.

my livelihood is to swim in stories.

i teach soon-to-be-adults how to read stories, and how to write them, too. sometimes i’m successful, sometimes not.

it took me a long time to realize that i enjoy being a storyteller, but i’m not entirely confident about it. i write purely for love. love for my family, and love for storytelling in general.

i want my kids to read my stories someday.

i love stories about travel.

i love stories about food.

i love stories about how families came to be.

i think that covers it.


5 responses to “about me

  1. splendidmishap

    i just searched adoption and found your blog. congrats on soon to be mommy-hood! i was adopted too. read my story “rock that white girl afro” to find out more.


  2. AB

    You need to update that the fish are in the turtles tummies!

  3. writing purely for love…that’s adorable! hope you’re doing well & just dropping you a quick line to say thank you! thank you! thank you! for the shop love. I am so grateful! 🙂

  4. I also used to teach high school English. In fact, I resigned at the end of last school year to be at home with my little boy. I wouldn’t trade it, but I do miss being very in the know about the latest lingo, music, and trends. My students seemed to love filling me in on their world. Enjoy!

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