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my girl.

geez, i’ve been a terrible blogger. resolutions? made ’em, sort of, one of which is to blog more? don’t hold me to it.

this girl has my heart. she turned two in november, and is only recently walking (assisted). many a night and day i worried about it, but she’s gonna be just fine. she is the most easy-going, lovable, snuggly girl. she wakes up happy and rarely complains. she adapts to any situation and location right away, and let me tell you, she is my girl when it comes to eating! it was my goal to post my kiddos’ favorites at every birthday, so i’m working on that for my girl. this is when i caught her discovery of my makeup drawer. let the fun begin!



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on the rare occasion that the little lady is screaming or fussy, he’ll pull me down to whisper in my ear, “i don’t think i want a baby anymore.” it breaks my heart, but i do get it. he remembers when he was the center of our world, when he didn’t have to share attention or toys or the arms of his parents.

and then there are other times, times when i watch them play together, when my eyes  fill with tears because i am so joyful, so overcome with the love i feel for them.

{here they were playing library, checking out books-my cookbooks-reading them, then returning them}

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push and pull.

five. i still can’t believe he’s five. as much as i am grateful for the time i have had and will have with him, i still mourn the time he wasn’t with us. crazy, right? there are just gaps of time that i cannot fill in for him.

when we document and applaud the baby’s milestones, he asks us sometimes about his own. and these are answers i cannot give him.

j talks of a “grandma” often, one whom he knew before our family came together. i don’t know who this grandma is. perhaps the lady who fostered him before we did? some of his stories lately involve this grandma.

“when I was a little baby, i peed on my grandma. then I came to live here with you and didn’t do that anymore.”

lately, this little guy climbs into our bed in the middle of the night. one night, he sleepily said, “guys. guys. i have to tell you something.”

“when i’m in my bed without you, i feel a bit lonely.”

there is that push and pull again. he refuses to hold my hand while walking across a crowded parking lot, but wants to snuggle at home non-stop. he wants to be so independent, a “big boy”, but sometimes just wants to be the baby, our only baby. and what he doesn’t quite understand yet, is that he will always, always be our baby, no matter how big he gets.

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mister five.

five. unbelievable. what i love about the blog is that i can easily look back at what was documented. life gets so busy that we don’t notice so many little things…the way the baby first laid her head on our shoulders, the funny things that j says on a daily basis. last year’s birthday celebration was a big affair, and i remember putting away some of j’s gifts in my closet because it was too much, too much stuff, too much craziness, all around excess. this year i had to simplify, so we made reservations for the character breakfast at disneyland, went on a few rides, and came home to a simple celebration at j’s restaurant of choice. love this boy so much.

favorites at five (all in his words):

show/movie: “peppa pig”, “backyardigans”, “miss spider”

song: “peppa pig” song, justin bieber’s “boyfriend”

pasttime: fly spaceships

friends: everyone

school “subject”: riding on the two-wheeler, learning about the solar system

chores: water the garden

food/drink: macaroni and cheese, lemonade

animal: a ferret

true story: j taught himself how to ride a bike. he does stuff like that.

j told us, “every kid needs a baseball glove.” : ) on his birthday j and daddy were throwing the ball back and forth and j took one in the eye. : (

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que la fete commence.

i have no idea if my high school french is correct. sofie’s first birthday was french themed, with lots of crepes, croissants, and other brunch fare. she was surrounded by family and friends who love her and we are so, so grateful that this little girl is happy and healthy.

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a day in court.


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our daughter.


this is us waiting for the judge.

the wait is over.

sofia (that’s her name!) is now our baby girl. officially, that is.

we are relieved and so, so happy, and ready to celebrate this girl’s 1st birthday next month (eek!).

this is her when she was just several months old.

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