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thirty days hath september…(and an update on august, too).

august and september

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while we enjoyed the end of summer, it felt like it was slipping away too quickly (doesn’t it always?). school began at the end of august, and with it football season started. our little guy is now an official football player, which he’s waited for since he was about 2.


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she blogged!

i’ve been away for awhile. i figured that someday, when my kids find this little space, they’d ask, “what did we do in that gap?”. and i would, too. gotta keep a record of the memories, so catching up will be picture-heavy and word-light. happy to be back blogging…

the hubz and i celebrated 6 years of marriage. we went to disneyland of course! so grateful to share my life with someone so loving and supportive. i truly feel lucky and blessed.

this summer was all about adventure locally. we went to the beach and aquarium and relaxed in our own backyard. the baby grew more and more independent, and j got ready for kindergarten. and that, folks, was july. weak update, i know. : )

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the fourth.

we celebrated the holiday in the most quintessential american way…parading, barbecuing, time with cousins, and fireworks. it was a busy, busy, day, but worth every memory…

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on the rare occasion that the little lady is screaming or fussy, he’ll pull me down to whisper in my ear, “i don’t think i want a baby anymore.” it breaks my heart, but i do get it. he remembers when he was the center of our world, when he didn’t have to share attention or toys or the arms of his parents.

and then there are other times, times when i watch them play together, when my eyes  fill with tears because i am so joyful, so overcome with the love i feel for them.

{here they were playing library, checking out books-my cookbooks-reading them, then returning them}

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our summer list (an ever-growing list, that is).


spontaneous get-togethers


homemade popsicles and ice cream

the fair

home-grown veggies determining dinner

dinner (and all other meals) outside



fireworks and sparklers

visits to the library



iced tea and lemonade

road trips



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in defense of summer.


I remember my childhood summers. After what I deemed to be a school year filled with hard work, I thought I deserved my summers, as if they were a God-given right. Never in a million years would I ever take summer school. I loved the feeling of having a day spread before me to fill with whatever I wanted. My parents never really scheduled our days like some of my friends. There were no enrichment lessons, no practices, just my mind to plan out what lay ahead. I remember playing all sorts of imaginary scenarios: grocery store, vet’s office, and restaurant.  I remember having the time to watch roly-polys roam around, and butterflies dance. I remember digging for sand crabs, lying on a scratchy beach towel after swimming in the wide, blue ocean, and huddling around a screaming bonfire to cook hot dogs.

Having summers off was and is always a perk of being a teacher. This is no lie. But by no means is it the reason that I became a teacher. Teachers get a bad rap when it comes to summer. I do not get paid in the summer. I carefully (and sometimes not so successfully) put money aside to pay my bills come July and August.

“You must love having all that time off!” they say. I say to this, I need that time off.

The true, hard reality is that being an educator is not getting easier. The pressures are mounting, the budgets are shrinking, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel that I can see.

We have created an atmosphere of adults acting like children on a playground. Bullies, vying for power, control. Actions in the name of altruism, what’s right.

After many years of teaching, this last school year was the worst I can remember, for many different reasons. The mounting pressures from the top, the apathy on the part of many students, and, more than I care to admit, many parents.

But the beauty of my profession is that there is a chance to reevaluate, to self-reflect.

It is summer.

In the summer, time slows down a little. We can take slow breaths, take our pulse, figure out our place in the world and just take notice of everything we have to be grateful for. We can come back to a new school year fresh. This summer I am more grateful than I have ever been. I am going to savor it.

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mister five.

five. unbelievable. what i love about the blog is that i can easily look back at what was documented. life gets so busy that we don’t notice so many little things…the way the baby first laid her head on our shoulders, the funny things that j says on a daily basis. last year’s birthday celebration was a big affair, and i remember putting away some of j’s gifts in my closet because it was too much, too much stuff, too much craziness, all around excess. this year i had to simplify, so we made reservations for the character breakfast at disneyland, went on a few rides, and came home to a simple celebration at j’s restaurant of choice. love this boy so much.

favorites at five (all in his words):

show/movie: “peppa pig”, “backyardigans”, “miss spider”

song: “peppa pig” song, justin bieber’s “boyfriend”

pasttime: fly spaceships

friends: everyone

school “subject”: riding on the two-wheeler, learning about the solar system

chores: water the garden

food/drink: macaroni and cheese, lemonade

animal: a ferret

true story: j taught himself how to ride a bike. he does stuff like that.

j told us, “every kid needs a baseball glove.” : ) on his birthday j and daddy were throwing the ball back and forth and j took one in the eye. : (

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