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summer so far.

seems like the first week of summer is spent running around getting errands down. it’s as if we are in a mad rush to get things in order so that we can finally reeeeeelax. as if. the huz and i have a million projects floating around in our head and no funds to back them all, but we are mighty resourceful. we are dead set on putting one of these babies in, after seeing this and this. we’ve got the tank and the pump/filter and are trying to get this up and running by week’s end. then there are car repair appointments, dentist appointments, physical therapy for s, dog grooming, the list goes on. we are slowly settling into a rhythm though, and that’s nice.

01. daddy’s pancakes make everyone happy

02. playing outside in the dirt

03. big brother starting to really enjoy the company of his sister. the big plus is that she thinks everything he does is hilarious.

04. her favorite past time, swinging. look at that joy.

05. tending the garden every day and impatiently waiting for that first perfect in-season tomato.


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our weekend {no bits}.


why, oh why, does wisteria have to bloom for such a short time????? this wisteria on my front arbor makes me happy every spring, but definitely reminds me to appreciate it while it lasts…

it’s safe to say that i didn’t do much this weekend…caught up with a lot of shows on my dvr, laid in the sun like a lazy dog, and read tons of magzines…

summer is definitely on my mind…

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it’s that time…


spring is here! time to sow seeds. good tips via design sponge

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