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summer so far.

seems like the first week of summer is spent running around getting errands down. it’s as if we are in a mad rush to get things in order so that we can finally reeeeeelax. as if. the huz and i have a million projects floating around in our head and no funds to back them all, but we are mighty resourceful. we are dead set on putting one of these babies in, after seeing this and this. we’ve got the tank and the pump/filter and are trying to get this up and running by week’s end. then there are car repair appointments, dentist appointments, physical therapy for s, dog grooming, the list goes on. we are slowly settling into a rhythm though, and that’s nice.

01. daddy’s pancakes make everyone happy

02. playing outside in the dirt

03. big brother starting to really enjoy the company of his sister. the big plus is that she thinks everything he does is hilarious.

04. her favorite past time, swinging. look at that joy.

05. tending the garden every day and impatiently waiting for that first perfect in-season tomato.


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jenna’s house.

i’m moving in…

love jenna’s style. every time an email pops in from j. crew with “jenna’s picks” i gotta look. she’s dangerous, that jenna. and her house? to. die. for., no?

via living etc.

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a photo essay: a day at home with baby.

today was our last day before winter break, but i was lucky enough to stay home with baby!

our morning starts with coffee for mommy, bottle for s. she’s mostly on formula, but, can you believe it? i have a dear friend, nicole, who gives us breast milk! little s will benefit so much from this generosity…

wash and line dry cloth diapers…

play with s (she is not a fan of the paparazzi)…

everyone except mom takes a nap… (so i get to blog…finally!)

get some sewing time in while they nap…

more bean bags made for babies. idea from here.

then relaxed and watched little women until the boys came home…

looks like we’ll be staying in tonight while the rain pours down.

enjoy your weekend!!!

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i do not remember how long i have had these glasses. all i remember is that i saw a post on apartment therapy about duralex glasses, and once they were available at cost plus (world market?) i ran out to buy them. they are one of the best investments i’ve made. they have been dropped countless times and no breakage!

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i am in love…

with my roomba. who came up with this beautiful invention? it surely has made my life easier. some might think that this is an oh-so-very unromantic gift for a husband to give a wife, but not ME. i think it is lovely that i can sit with my feet up on the coffee table watching t.v. or reading my mags while a little robot picks up the grime left behind from FOUR dogs, ONE cat, ONE football-coaching husband (who tracks in annoying little black things from those new-fangled football fields they use), and ONE sand-box playing little boy.

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everyday beauty.


i buy flowers on a weekly basis. call it a need, but it’s a must for me to surround myself with beauty (a libra quality, thank you very much). at the market last week, as i was picking out flowers, my little guy insisted on buying an extra bunch. “for my room, ” he says. why not? i thought. later, he walked into his room for a toy and i heard, “thank you, mommy!” i had forgotten i had put flowers in his room at that point so had no idea what he was talking about. “for what?” i asked. “for my flowers! i love them!”

so…it’s a small investment, but one well worth a little bit of happiness, no?

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lazy summer days full of big news.


we’ve been kicking back A LOT this summer and it’s been nice. two little trips into the desert and just hanging out at home, with an occasional jaunt to disneyland, the aquarium, and the beach. most days j and i hang out in our pajamas until the sun comes out in the afternoon and then pitter around the backyard, working in the garden and playing, deciding if maybe we’ll make it to the beach. life is good. the biggest news of the summer is that j is swimming on his own now. the mr. takes him to the pool regularly and it’s paid off. such a joy to see the pride on this boy’s face.

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