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to the desert.

still trying to get back into the groove after a relaxing four days in the desert. we stayed here, and i can’t believe how much fun we all had. it’s totally kid-friendly (don’t go here if you want to get away from the family set) and was perfect in every way. definitely making this a yearly to-do.


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a few months ago i bit the bullet and bought a juicer. best investment ever. after doing a three day cleanse with nekter juices, i felt amazing, so now we’re on a juice kick! i make it every night, store it in mason jars (one for me and one for huz), and drink it for breakfast. no recipes to share because i basically just juice any produce we have, and we always have a lot  of produce thanks to our farm fresh to you csa box that’s delivered to our door. AND, the best part is, when i’m feeling a bit guilty that the baby hasn’t gotten her veggies (or that we had fast food for dinner), i feel great that she’s gotten some good stuff via juice!

p.s. this is the juicer that we have. it wasn’t expensive and does the trick! we found ours at costco for under $90.

now that i have more time, i start my morning off with a glass of water and lemon, my juice (this combo was cucumber, celery, green apple, mint, carrot, and spinach), and coffee (not ever going to give up my coffee…)

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everyone deserves fresh air.


these little boys couldn’t get enough of it. they played and played in the sunshine. doesn’t every kid deserve that?

when someone from the fresh air fund contacted me to spread the word about their programs, i couldn’t resist when i read this:

Since 1877, The Fresh Air Fund, a not-for-profit agency, has provided free summer experiences in the country to more than 1.7 million New York City children from disadvantaged communities. Each year, thousands of children visit volunteer host families in 13 states and Canada through the Friendly Town Program or attend one of five Fresh Air Fund camps.

an amazing concept, no? isn’t it amazing how we take things like this for granted?

can you volunteer? can you host a child? do you know of a child in nyc who would benefit from their programs? can you donate?

let’s help expose kids to what a beautiful thing fresh air is…

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for the mommas worried about the sun.


{this is my personal fave}

i can’t even condense all the yuck i’ve heard and read about sunscreen lately. thank goodness for the ewg’s list of the best . see it here.

and, of course, since i’m all about the apps, there’s one for sunscreen info. too.

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my iphone OWNS me, people. i have become one of those annoying people who always look down at their phone, but seriously, it has my life on it. obviously it’s the main source of communication via text and phone, but there’s the calendar, the camera, the youtube app, weather, ipod, kindle app, amazon (main shopping source), maps, facebook, twitter, instagram, parenting advice, fart app (j’s favorite source of giggles…and something i had to seriously get over..i’ll write another post sometime about farting and boys), blogging, calorie counter, and trainer. yup, and probably a few other things that i’ve forgotten. it’s CRAZY, and sometimes i worry about how the phone tracks my location, how much private info i’m putting out THERE (wherever THERE is), but i can’t stop. gosh, sounds like the signs of addiction, no? aaaaahhhhh!

but, what turned out to be a post about some cute iphone covers has turned into a serious self-evaluation. yikes. maybe it’s time for a week of being unplugged.

anyway, on to the covers!


are they not adorable? they are from rouge and co. on etsy, where you can find a ton of other cute monogrammed thingies. i love monograms, but alas, right now i can’t justify this expenditure with a big summer trip on the horizon. this shop, however, is definitely on my etsy heart list.


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i endorse (my favorite babygear)

just some stuff that i love. i realize this blog has evolved into a mish mash of stuff, but thought some reviews of babygear might help some other control-freak-safety-space-obsessed mother like me.

joovy ultralight-i love this stroller. it’s the lightest double stroller out there. it’s best for a baby/toddler duo and it’s a sit and stand. since we are using the baby carrier in it right now, j can only use the stand option, which is fine since he’s definitely exhibiting his independent side as of late and pretty much refuses to sit in a “baby stroller”.

baby bjorn babysitter-portable and doesn’t take up a lot of room, this babyseat uses baby’s own motions to rock.

puj babytub-this has been a godsend for my back. it fits in our bathroom sink perfectly and takes up a lot less space than most traditional babytubs. once done, it spreads flat to hang on a hook. check reviews though as some say it didn’t fit their sinks.


formula mixer-i’m all about NOT buying extraneous things, but this mixer has saved us loads of time. dr. brown’s bottles are the bomb, too.


bumgenius-we are not full-time cloth diapering, but when at home we use bumgenius. there are lots of other options out there, but these work for us so we’re stickin’ to ’em. they are one-size, so will grow with the baby. using these will save us loads of money in the long run. for disposables we use seventh generation.

next on the to buy list is a playyard. i recently had to take s to a court-ordered physical therapist to see if she qualifies for services. she doesn’t since there are no issues (phew!), but the therapist did make some recommendations, one of which was to NOT buy an exersaucer or baby bouncer. she said that babies don’t learn to develop the right muscles as these things are doing the work for them that they need to learn on their own. she said to invest in a playyard instead. any recommendations?

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i endorse.

not that my endorsements count for anything, but i have to say that this laundry soap is rad. i found it by browsing amazon lists of moms who cloth diaper and i use it for all our laundry now. it takes a couple loads to take effect (you need to get rid of all former soap residue from your washing machine), but our laundry is super, super soft now, and i don’t even use laundry softener anymore. it’s non-toxic, biodegradable, safe for babies, hypoallergenic, environmentally safe.  it doesn’t smell like flowers, but hello, it’s because there are no artificial perfumes added. you only need a small scoop (which comes with the soap), and one small tub covers 80 loads. just read the reviews here! and here!

check out their site here.


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