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to the desert.

still trying to get back into the groove after a relaxing four days in the desert. we stayed here, and i can’t believe how much fun we all had. it’s totally kid-friendly (don’t go here if you want to get away from the family set) and was perfect in every way. definitely making this a yearly to-do.


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love and sunshine.





haleiwa farmers market (love…crepes, pizza, fresh fruit and veggies). lots of sun and sand. lots of love, good food , and relaxation. we are enjoying our vacation. the end.


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{bits from} our weekend.

excuse the randomness of my thoughts. two three-day weekends in a row make for a very spoiled girl. this two-day weekend went by way too fast.

boy are we lucky to have date night, thanks to my sis-in-law, alice. saw the fighter (highly recommend). should’ve been a whole separate category at the oscars for those sisters, man. and how’d i miss this article? wicked good. ; ) yay for melissa leo and christian bale!

and the oscars? i thought they were great. you? (love mila’s dress…) husband always says he doesn’t care, but this is the second year he’s watched it ALL THE WAY THROUGH!

s has taken to her sophie la giraffe. french toys are the best, no?

and i am truly humbled and honored to have had zest featured on goodkin. so thankful to have this little space to record daily moments and random thoughts, and so thankful to have you to share them with!

*last photo via hulaseventy, and my pinterest board. you can follow me here, but be warned, i am a neophyte at pinterest and there ain’t much up on my boards. rest assured, once i have essays to grade i will probably throw myself into this new lovely site as a diversion. shoot me an email or comment if you’re interested in being invited.

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i forgot to tell you about modern family blogger week. the reason why i wrote yesterday’s post. if you wanna check out more cool posts from modern families, go here.

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i felt crappy until i saw this.

i called in sick today. the problem with calling in sick is that i have a hard time just resting at home. so, yeah, i am catching up with the blog and generally feeling sorry for myself because i am a loser that can’t muster up the energy to do anything, much less change out of the pajamas i slept in or brush my hair or teeth. in fact, the irobot is even vacuuming the floor as i type. thank god for technology, no? i saved this video from the huffington post a while ago. i love this girl’s attitude. LOVE it.

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can’t stop watching this.


this might be my favorite commercial ever. and it doesn’t even have to do with the fact that i have a baby right now, although i can totally picture s in this one.

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music we’re lovin’.


this song makes the baby (and the rest of us) happy, happy, happy. 

not a great recording, but s loves to hear this one, too!

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