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thirty days hath september…(and an update on august, too).

august and september

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while we enjoyed the end of summer, it felt like it was slipping away too quickly (doesn’t it always?). school began at the end of august, and with it football season started. our little guy is now an official football player, which he’s waited for since he was about 2.


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she blogged!

i’ve been away for awhile. i figured that someday, when my kids find this little space, they’d ask, “what did we do in that gap?”. and i would, too. gotta keep a record of the memories, so catching up will be picture-heavy and word-light. happy to be back blogging…

the hubz and i celebrated 6 years of marriage. we went to disneyland of course! so grateful to share my life with someone so loving and supportive. i truly feel lucky and blessed.

this summer was all about adventure locally. we went to the beach and aquarium and relaxed in our own backyard. the baby grew more and more independent, and j got ready for kindergarten. and that, folks, was july. weak update, i know. : )

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to the desert.

still trying to get back into the groove after a relaxing four days in the desert. we stayed here, and i can’t believe how much fun we all had. it’s totally kid-friendly (don’t go here if you want to get away from the family set) and was perfect in every way. definitely making this a yearly to-do.

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our summer list (an ever-growing list, that is).


spontaneous get-togethers


homemade popsicles and ice cream

the fair

home-grown veggies determining dinner

dinner (and all other meals) outside



fireworks and sparklers

visits to the library



iced tea and lemonade

road trips



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spring break (a photo journal).

we stayed at the saguaro, took a ride on the palm springs aerial tram, relaxed by the pool, and indulged in good food. that’s what spring break is for, right?

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march (sort of).

let’s just say i gave up blogging for lent, shall we? things are getting less crazy in my life (i hope), and, once again, i feel the push to keep track of what’s going on in our lives.

two pictures from march. two. i am ashamed, but vow to do better.



these are from our road trip to arizona. a quick jaunt to the desert to see family we love to spend time with. the girls went shopping, the boys took in a spring training game, and (as always) we enjoyed great meals together. tomorrow…april.

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winter break. so far.

comfort food on a rainy day/elf activity (have you seen the blog drama regarding elf on the shelf? simply ridiculous)/our christmas tree/vintage santa face/it’s a small world at christmas time

i love december!

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