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summer so far.

seems like the first week of summer is spent running around getting errands down. it’s as if we are in a mad rush to get things in order so that we can finally reeeeeelax. as if. the huz and i have a million projects floating around in our head and no funds to back them all, but we are mighty resourceful. we are dead set on putting one of these babies in, after seeing this and this. we’ve got the tank and the pump/filter and are trying to get this up and running by week’s end. then there are car repair appointments, dentist appointments, physical therapy for s, dog grooming, the list goes on. we are slowly settling into a rhythm though, and that’s nice.

01. daddy’s pancakes make everyone happy

02. playing outside in the dirt

03. big brother starting to really enjoy the company of his sister. the big plus is that she thinks everything he does is hilarious.

04. her favorite past time, swinging. look at that joy.

05. tending the garden every day and impatiently waiting for that first perfect in-season tomato.


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gift idea.

for the person who’s sort of hard to buy for, and who has a significant other. date box #1 (let’s go out) holds a gift card for a local restaurant and two movie tickets. date box #2 (let’s stay in) holds a dvd and a gift card for in-n-out. and date box #3 (let’s get pampered) holds a gift card for a spa service.

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for the first time i am linking up with life rearranged for the fun instafriday link up, where bloggers share daily life through cell phone pictures. fun, ya?

my new favorite treat from trader joe’s-the mini cone. it’s the perfect snack when i have a sweet tooth (70 calories!)

lunch at my little guy’s favorite spot, ikea. i’ve never known someone to love swedish meatballs so much.

me, wearing my new favorite earrings from mama auj on etsy.

tummy time still involves a lot of tears. we’re taking it in 5 minute increments now-more manageable for sure. i love this baby bum!

little lady has taken to playing with j’s babydoll, clark. he named the baby, and we have no idea where he got that name. i think she’s enamored with clark because he reminds her of j. so cute.

we had full access to the neighbor’s pool while they were on vacation, and the cousins came over for a couple pool days!

we get a lot of use out of our halloween costumes. and the front swing.

have a great weekend everyone!


life rearranged


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love and sunshine.





haleiwa farmers market (love…crepes, pizza, fresh fruit and veggies). lots of sun and sand. lots of love, good food , and relaxation. we are enjoying our vacation. the end.


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the pressure…

all brought upon myself of course…

j’s birthday party is this weekend and i am a detail freak. if i had only known about the acme party box company. seriously, the cutest themes and party favors/accessories/decorations all in one neat little spot. next time i guess.


until sunday you can purchase a $30 certificate for acme party box company at zulily for $15. not a member? join here.

the reality is, of course, that between the jumper and a bazillion kids running around it will be j’s best birthday yet!


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are you kidding me?


ways to creatively document your kiddo

totally stealing borrowing these ideas btw…

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all the stars.


i love you more than all the stars in the sky.

this is what i say to my kids all the time. this is what i hope they’ll remember…

**illustrated decal by shanna murray. i love her catch phrase…artist, stylist, optimist.

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