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to the desert.

still trying to get back into the groove after a relaxing four days in the desert. we stayed here, and i can’t believe how much fun we all had. it’s totally kid-friendly (don’t go here if you want to get away from the family set) and was perfect in every way. definitely making this a yearly to-do.


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an epic summer.


it’s good to reflect when something good comes to an end, and this summer has definitely been an epic one. that’s my new favorite word. epic. among other things it means majestic or impressively great, and that’s the only way i can describe our first summer with j. it was a dream come true, topped off with a great trip to hawaii.

every morning j woke up, looked out the window, and said, “mommy, daddy. the beach is close!” it was like he couldn’t believe it, and every morning had to check if it was really true. despite all the things we did he remembers the beach, his friends natalie and isabel, and his cousins elijah, carson, and frankie being there with him.

while in hawaii, there was a column written by andreas arvman in the honolulu advertiser where the writer discussed a trip he and his wife planned to sweden with two young daughters. despite the many activities they planned, their eldest (2 1/2 years old) remembered running around in her grandmother’s backyard the most. the article made me think back on my fondest traveling memories, and yes, like the author discussed, it was the people that i shared them with that i remembered the most. and i’m sure it will be same for j.








it was a summer of long leisurely mornings, al fresco meals and a (re)discovery of good, slow food, hours of looking at the pacific, playing in the sand, journeys to see new and familiar family, little adventures, sharing joy and laughter with good friends, and, most memorable, becoming one step closer to being a forever family. summer, we will never forget you!

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be back soon.

we are off…


to here.

can’t wait.

i will be m.i.a. from blogland…

probably sipping something out of a coconut on the beach…

and enjoying lots of water play..

and wearing no make-up…

and seeing what life is like without the internet.

i hope you come back to visit!

in the meantime, visit some of my favorite blogs on the right side of the screen…



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miles of beach.

scenes from our camping trip to ventura:


our greeter (i just had to…he was too cute)



the walk to the beach


unbelievable. i have lived in southern california my whole life and i have never seen a beach in june without thousands of people on it. other than a handful of other families it was just us. pure bliss.



great camping with kids idea: my friend lupe brought cereal and pipe cleaners for the kids to make bracelets. it kept them occupied long enough for us to set up camp and then they ate their jewelry on our beach walk.



this was the view out our “window”. nice, no? it made up for the time we spent the better part of our trip listening to some guy next to us using morse code and saying “whiskey, alpha, baker” over, and over, and over. he was involved in some sort of radio contest.

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now this is camping.


{el capitan canyon, santa barbara}

i haven’t been camping in several years, and had totally forgotten that you have to book the great spots far in advance. we won’t be camping at the spot in the picture, but i was fortunate enough to get the last spot on a weekend at a popular so. cal. beach location.

sunset featured luxury campgrounds in an issue a few months ago. think feather beds and fresh-baked cookies. definitely on the to-do list someday.

another thing is that i’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, for what seems like year to book one of these babies at crystal cove.


it’s not that far from home, but what a fun adventure to stay in a cottage on a beach, right?


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grad gifts.

i am always stumped as to what to get my senior student aides for graduation. i usually end up with the cursory gift card bought at the grocery checkstand. this year two of my aides will be traveling right after graduation (must be nice, huh?)-one (a boy) to hawaii, another (a girl) to new york. they are in total bliss thinking about being away on a grown-up trip without the parents. yikes! but all kidding aside, i put together a travel kit for each of them, which includes a travel bag and all the necessary toiletries one needs while traveling. i put them all in a gallon-sized zip-top bag with instructions for carry-ons (i.e. 3.4 oz. bottles in a quart-sized, clear, zip-top). this is also a great idea for a girlfriend’s getaway. here’s to summer travels!




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phoenix…sans baby {sigh}

we are back from phoenix. another fun trip, but hopefully our last before our child arrives.

we stayed at the arizona biltmore, a very swanky hotel where frank lloyd wright was a consulting architect. the inside is very old school 20s. this is a great place to take kids, as they have tons of activities to keep them occupied.

on friday nights during the summer the hotel has s’mores here. yum.

on saturday night, the hotel has “dive in movies” in the paradise pool. they provided rafts and air bud. not my first choice in flicks, but definitely a winner with the kids. 

{frankie chillin’ by the pool. he’s 2 going on 18.}

after dinner with the family on saturday night, we went to the wrigley mansion for drinks. definitely would not have been able to do this with a baby. happy hour drinks were only $5! yeah! i had a juicy fruit martini, and yes it tasted like juicy fruit gum.


on the adoption front-

our sw called on tuesday. all the children available are considered medically fragile. we are listed in the system as a foster home, so will get calls about children of all ages. it will be up to us to say yes or no. andrew and i decided to change our age request to 4 or 5 after much discussion. a big plus for andrew in getting a child of this age is “no poopy diapers”. he is quite excited about this so i’m assuming that the three children he has already reared must’ve had bad poop. : ) we are at “level 2”, which, if i understand correctly, means we will get more calls for foster placement. we are now officially listed as interested in fost-adopt. my sw didn’t get around to answering my questions as to the risks related to the other levels. we’ll see.

i’ve mentioned before that i’ve always wanted to adopt, but also thought that i’d conceive naturally. months ago andrew and i visited our family doctor and received a referal to a fertility clinic since we’ve been off of birth control for three years. in all honesty, i really believed that we’d be with an adopted child by the time this appointment rolled around. the appointment is now upon me (august 5). some bloggers have advised me to hold off, saying that i need to do adoption or fertility treatments, not both at the same time, but i’m afraid if i don’t pursue this i will regret it. it’s only testing after all. we haven’t committed to going forward with medication, iui, or ivf, all worlds i have only been briefly introduced to. i guess i just need to follow my heart on this one.

i purchased a book yesterday, labor of the heart, by kathleen l. whitten, ph.d., and really like it so far. i’ll share some things that are interesting as i get more into it.

have a wonderful weekend!


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