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a letter to my husband.

dear husband,

did you know football used to be my favorite sport? and that now it’s not? know why? because you are away from us all day long and now you are in henderson, nevada for a football game while we sit at home and pine for you. and to top it all off you are now a baron and not a viking. what in the heck is a baron? don’t you know that vikings are much tougher than barons? hmmm…okay, maybe not in this case. boo.

from your loving wife,



i don’t heart


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if you can help.

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back to school. and the winner is…


today is the first day of school and andrew and all my friends are welcoming their new students into their bright and shiny classrooms. i am one of those people who always liked school. i dread the end of summer as it’s my favorite season, but there is an excitement and anticipation about going back to school. at first i get angry when the back to school ads come out. i mean, i am barely getting used to sleeping in and being lazy, and pow, i have to buy pencils and pens and notebooks? but then…the anger subsides and i actually look forward to buying new things and setting up my classroom. don’t get me wrong…i am loving that i get more time to enjoy the fruits of summer…  and especially because it’s time spent with j. : )

having a child around makes you slow down and live in the present. i’m the same, but i’m different too, and it’s nice to take notice of the small things in life. my days right now are centered around j and doing what’s best for him. the best food, the best rest, the best play. isn’t that what life’s about? we run around doing this and that and sweat the small stuff. being a parent is amazing and i love teaching this little person how to best take those steps away from me, but also how to come to me for comfort when it’s needed. one of the greatest things i heard is when the other day andrew said, “he makes me want to take better care of myself.” thank goodness. i have been nagging him to do that for quite some time!

as for my extended summer,

i get more time to eat this…

i pick these from my garden…

i roast tomatoes and saute the zucchini and eggplant with garlic and pine nuts, mix it with whole wheat linguini, add basil, grated parmesan and ricotta cheese and voila! the perfect summer meal. yum. lately i have been accompanying my favorite meal with macaroni grill rosemary bread made in my bread machine. it is so delish.

i also get more time to do this…

{nap time}

and more time to just enjoy the view…

{j and duke}

have a wonderful school year!

i had j pick a winner for the diaper bag. our neighbor gave him magnetic numbers so i put out 1-7 . i guess the kid likes order because he picked #1 so…congratulations ashley! he must know that any day now, at any moment, you will get a call for a placement! i will email you for your address.

p.s. stay tuned loyal readers. i have other stuff to give away.


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life is good.

we had our visit with the adoptions worker today and it went very well. she basically just took a look around the house and visited with us to see how things were going. she couldn’t elaborate on the allegations made about the prior foster mother, and said that this woman would appeal the decision to not re-place j in her home, but that the chances of him going back to her were “slim to none”. phew! his birth mother still hasn’t called either, so if things remain like this j’s birth mother’s parental rights should be terminated in december. {fingers crossed}.

i love this kid, and so does andrew. you should have seen andrew’s face when j called him “daddy” yesterday. it was precious. he gets so excited when andrew, the resident bath giver, gets home. life right now is good. very good.

{a really good bubble bath}

i will somehow pick someone for the diaper bag tomorrow. : )

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free giveaway!

andrew and i have been running around trying to get things in order before school starts next week. our social worker wrote a letter for us stating that it is imperative to have time to bond with j. in addition, we are going to see a therapist tomorrow morning who will also write a letter. yesterday andrew took him to the doctor. she told him that she was concerned that he was malnourished because he is only in the 5th percentile for weight. poor little guy. he does have a pretty good appetite, so hopefully he’ll put on the weight he needs. i also met with my sub yesterday and i feel great about him starting off with my classes. my plan is to go back mid-october. i still haven’t figured out the whole pay thing. i just might have to be “sick”. and anyway, my surgery is scheduled for september 12.

in cleaning out our guest room closet i came across something i bought about 10 years ago. a diaper bag. hmmm. totally forgot about this, and of course now i already have 2 more so….i want to give this one away. if you leave a comment, i will choose a random comment and send it to you. it is a kenneth cole basic black diaper bag. classic like the little black dress, ya know?

speaking of diaper bags, andrew took j out shopping with my stepson, christian, the other day. andrew started to take the very cute green flowered diaper bag i use with him. christian pretty much freaked out because he said that people in the mall would think that they were a couple that adopted this child. what did andrew do? he put all the diapers and wipes in a reusable grocery bag. ya, that’s stylish.

today marks the day that j is 16 months old. i think we should celebrate, don’t you? he has been with us for two weeks now. it’s also our puppy, bruno’s, birthday. he is still the baby in the house…

love this dog. every morning he shows such joy when he sees j’s face. he just licks his face over and over again until j laughs. they have become the best of friends…

have a wonderful weekend my friends! i am going to try to catch up on all your blogs this weekend. don’t forget to comment so i know you’re still out there, and so you can “win” the bag!


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feeling sick.

a bit angry right now. i contacted our district office today about taking time off. i currently have 41 days sick leave with 12 more to be added this year, so our plan was for me to take off until the end of october. i even went in to school today to set up my classroom for a long-term sub BUT…i heard back that for adoption i can only take a leave of absence WITHOUT PAY. i can also take family and medical leave concurrently to continue to get benefits coverage, but that is also WITHOUT PAY. i cannot be WITHOUT PAY. i think i’m coming down with something. i might be out for 41+ days.


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a little scared.

we heard from j’s social worker today after the hearing. the judge decided to hold off on termination until december because the situation at the last foster home was such a fiasco (wish i knew what happened). he ordered visits with the birth mother weekly, but then ruled that they could be done every other week for 3 hours. these visits must be monitored by us. the social worker said that we could use her office or the visitation center that is about 20 minutes away. the birth mom lives about an hour away and the judge does not expect us to go to her. she has our first names only and our home phone number and is supposed to call today to set up a meeting. the ball is now in her court.

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