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it’s here! it’s here!


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halloween is now here! we are excited. we have been waiting with much anticipation. our weekend is full of  lots of fun: a basketball game, pumpkin carving and on the big day, cousins will come over, we’ll eat, play, and trick-o-treat. hope your halloween weekend is SWEET!

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staying well.

according to the october issue of whole living magazine, research suggests that elderberries have antiviral compounds that may help fend off the H1N1 virus. i tried their recipe for cold and flu prevention. fingers crossed that it will work!

step 1:

in a saucepan, cover 2 ounces of dried black elderberries with 1 qt. water. boil. turn heat to low; simmer until reduced to a pint. strain.

step 2:

return liquid to the pan. using a wooden spoon, slowly stir in 1 1/2 cups of honey into the mixture until honey is dissolved.

step 3:

let the syrup cool to room temperature. pour into a clean jar with a tight-fitting lid. label and date. it will keep up to a year it the fridge.

for prevention: take a teaspoon twice a day. if you’re already ill: take a teaspoon every few hours until you feel better.

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i am in love…

with my roomba. who came up with this beautiful invention? it surely has made my life easier. some might think that this is an oh-so-very unromantic gift for a husband to give a wife, but not ME. i think it is lovely that i can sit with my feet up on the coffee table watching t.v. or reading my mags while a little robot picks up the grime left behind from FOUR dogs, ONE cat, ONE football-coaching husband (who tracks in annoying little black things from those new-fangled football fields they use), and ONE sand-box playing little boy.

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out of season…harvest grains salad recipe.

this salad is a bit out of season, but it is so good i haven’t been buying locally, organically, etc. etc. to make it. thought i’d post it anyway…the grains are from tj’s, but if you’re not so lucky to not live near one, you can probably substitute the mix with a mixture of orzo, quinoa, and israeli couscous. my goal this fall/winter is to create a similar salad using what’s in season.

Harvest Grains Salad

1 bag Harvest Grains mix from TJ’s (cooked according to package)

3 lemons, juiced

1 jar marinated artichoke hearts with marinade (reserve juice for dressing)

Olive oil to taste

Red wine vinegar to taste

Salt and pepper to taste

½ cup each Italian parsley and mint, chopped

Baby tomatoes, halved

Red and yellow peppers, sliced

Red onion, sliced

Seedless cucumber, sliced

1 block feta cheese

  1. While grains are still hot, mix with artichoke hearts, lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar, and salt and pepper in large bowl.
  2. When mixture is slightly cooled, mix in veggies.
  3. Mix in herbs.
  4. When mostly cooled, add in diced feta.

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random thoughts this monday…


01. i don’t mind growing older, but the worst part is that sickness lasts longer…have been fighting the end of a cold for going on two weeks.

02. am loving my new doughnut pan. yep, i can now make dougnuts for my little one AND add flax seed and other good stuff.  baked dougnuts also don’t have that yucky grease.

03. did you know? 1/2 a teaspoon of honey is good for toddlers who are fighting a sore throat or cold. AND little ones actually happily open their mouths up for honey. who wouldn’t?

04. omega 3s are really good for those dealing with the pain from endometriosis. good thing i’m addicted to flax seed and fish (from parenting magazine).

05. am really loving the cool and rainy weather in so. cal. it feels very autumn and gives me a good excuse to light a scented candle and catch up on all my mags wearing uggs.

06. i’m mucho proud of myself for keeping up with essay grading, although essays are the bane of my existence. i get through it by counting out and dividing a manageable amount to grade each day, and thinking of thanksgiving break, winter break, etc. etc.

07. am getting very impatient for a baby, but know that God will deliver in due time.

08. was mortified on friday night when my little one threw up in the middle of corner bakery. i’m sure this was not a appetizing sight for fellow diners.

09. AND…am glad to know that dear friends are out there reading my randomness…


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meal planning (because it keeps me organized).



sunday: carne asada tacos, arroz verde (recipe on my recipe page), black beans

monday: creamy tomato soup, grilled veggie paninis

tuesday: baked ziti and sausages, green salad with lentils and white beans

wednesday: roasted chicken (picked up from the store), glazed carrots, stuffing

thursday: breakfast for dinner

friday: dinner out


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these bridal shower images are killing me. i cannot. get. enough.

via the sweetest occasion.


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