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these two little ladies are about 4 months apart. i am going to love watching them grow up together and share more of these girls talks. in fact, i think they were talking about shoes here, no?


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2nd annual cookie party.

last year j hosted his first gingerbread house party, which pretty much resulted in us figuring out what to do with 5 gingerbread houses. this year the moms wised up and helped the kids plan a cookie decorating party, to decorate the cookies that they will leave out for santa tomorrow night. cookies were made ahead and pre-made frosting was bought, and the kids had the same amount of fun as when everything was made from scratch.

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we enjoyed playing with cousin frankie and sitting down to cookies and cocoa…

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winter break. so far.

comfort food on a rainy day/elf activity (have you seen the blog drama regarding elf on the shelf? simply ridiculous)/our christmas tree/vintage santa face/it’s a small world at christmas time

i love december!

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santa express. in polaroids.

better late than never, here are the pics from our trip to the north pole! it was freezing, but surrounded by friends and family that didn’t matter…

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i know, i know. the desire is there, but not the time. short and sweet. let’s do this!


On a cold blistery night, we took a special train to visit Santa. Pics to follow.

We’ve been patiently counting down the days to Christmas by opening up each beautiful advent box made by Auntie Lina. So far, Jaxson has a collection of coins, and we’ve done activities such as looked at Christmas lights, played a board game, and had breakfast for dinner.

As crazy as our neighbors thought us, both husband and I are so, so glad we got up the lights before Thanksgiving, for it meant that we have lots of free time for fun!

And our elf, J.J., has been up to some mischief. Thanks, pinterest, for all the fabulous  ideas!

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gift idea.

for the person who’s sort of hard to buy for, and who has a significant other. date box #1 (let’s go out) holds a gift card for a local restaurant and two movie tickets. date box #2 (let’s stay in) holds a dvd and a gift card for in-n-out. and date box #3 (let’s get pampered) holds a gift card for a spa service.

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